AFFTA offers IFTD University Seminar



It’s not by coincidence that the most successful retailers in the fly fishing industry attend the annual industry trade show each and every year. These retailers have a “game plan” in mind while they’re at IFTD, take what they learn and apply it to their business. On Tuesday July 15, 2014 at 4pm (room TBD), Art Webb CEO of BCF will be the guest speaker at the Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida. Space will be limited to 50 attendees and requires a $75.00 deposit which will be FULLY REFUNDED if you attend the seminar. To reserve your space contact AFFTA’s membership director Callie Bassett [email protected] or call 406-522-1556. Space can also be reserved on-line here.

Why They Buy.
The real truth about consumer buying psychology and behavior — and what to do about it.
In this two hour session, we will learn about the 7 deep-rooted Evolved Psychological Mechanisms that ultimately drive human behavior — especially purchase behavior.  Armed with that knowledge, we’ll then look at how this applies to the three generations that presently drive our industry:  Boomers, GenX and Millennials.  Finally, we’ll discuss practical — and tactical – application of these insights across each of today’s key marketing and communication channels.

Art Webb 
President & CEO, BCF

With 32 years in the travel marketing business, Art has guided brand and marketing efforts for Attractions, Theme Parks, Historical Destinations, State Tourism Organizations, Mountain and Beach Destinations, Luxury Hotels, Business Traveler Hotels, Caribbean Destinations, Fishing Lures, Fly Fishing Lodges, Ski Resorts, Olympic Snowboard Teams, Travel Insurance, Aquariums, Restaurants, Golf Resorts, Convention Centers, and Travel Conferences.  A frequent and energetic speaker possessing a rare blend of creativity and business sense, Art has shared his unique perspective on travel marketing via speaking engagements with:  USTA Marketing Outlook Forum, USTA’S Educational Seminars for Travel Organizations, The Caribbean Tourism Annual Conference, the Central Reservation Association of Destination Resorts, The Virginia Tourism Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism, The Assembly, and the Mountain Travel Symposium.


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