Jewler Offers Angling Inspired Pieces


reels-jewleryFrom Tight Lines Jewelry:

For the antsy angler, remind them that Spring and all its fishing potential is right around the corner with one of the elegant fly fishing inspired pieces from Tight Lines Jewelry.

Tight Lines Jewelry offers unique pendants, earrings, cuff links, and more that appeal to fishermen and women longing for Spring and the chance to get back out on the water. From the cold rushing currents to the clear skies and rustling trees, stepping into the river for the first of the season is a feeling one never forgets. At Tight Lines Jewelry they seek to recreate this nostalgia in every piece, giving folks an outlet for their passion and a reminder of what’s right around the river’s bend.

For anglers, selecting their gear is a very personal process–a detail that Tight Lines Jewelry acknowledges by offering a wide variety of delicately crafted pieces to choose from. The type of reel one selects isn’t just a tool for future adventures, but a work of art. They’ve captured this feeling perfectly with their elegant Fly Reel Earrings, creating sets that resonate with a fisherwoman’s desire for beauty while acknowledging her prowess on the water.

Each reel is expertly hand carved in wax and then cast in either Argentium–a non-tarnishing sterling silver formula, yellow, or white gold for a touch of elegance while still remaining durable. They currently offer six intricately decorated fly reels including a Classic design that is perfect for the purist, Galvin Spokes that give it a chic modern look, and a beautiful Trinity Fish design that emotes a Celtic feel.

Founder and designer Renee Schatzley Gall had been crafting custom jewelry for about 30 years. A few years ago, she was first asked to create a piece that exemplified the beauty and strength of the art of fishing. From that first creation she has expanded into a full collection featuring stunning pendants, necklaces, rings, and tie pins for men and women.

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