UTAH Stream Access: You Need to Make Noise Now

USAC_ad_v3d(1)Utah’s 2014 Legislative session started Monday, and the compromise legislation, HB37, has already made it into the House Rules Committee.From the Utah Stream Access Coalition:“We need you to email and/or call all members the House Rules committee RIGHT NOW and let them know you support House Bill 37! Ask them to lift HB37 out of Rules, and into subcommittee. We want to get it out of Rules TODAY, but we can only do that if you hammer the emails and phone calls!


Chair Dean Sanpei <[email protected]>, Ken Ivory <[email protected]>, Eric Hutchings <[email protected]>, Brian King <[email protected]>, John Mathis <[email protected]>, Curt Oda <[email protected]>, Lee Perry <[email protected]>, Val Peterson <[email protected]>, Paul Ray <[email protected]>, Larry Wiley <[email protected]>


Chair Dean Sanpei 801-979-5711, Ken Ivory 801-694-8380, Eric Hutchings 801-963-2639, Brian King 801-560-0769, John Mathis 435-789-7316, Curt Oda 801-725-0277, Lee Perry 435-225-0430, Val Peterson 801-224-4473, Paul Ray 801-725-2719, Larry Wiley 801-520-8051

A rally is also planned for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11 at 9:45 a.m.


This year’s rally is our most important yet. We need to show Utah’s elected public officials the people support House Bill 37. We have the momentum. We have the support. Let’s make our presence known, with the biggest rally to date.  Bring your friends. Get a sitter. Tell your boss you need the morning off work. Start setting up carpools now. There are 400,000 anglers in the State of Utah. We have 3,300+ members strong. Let’s fill the capitol steps with 1,000 people in support of stream access, and end this issue this year for generations to come.

We know that it can be intimidating to speak with your legislators. We get it, and we’ve been there. We also know the feeling of being overwhelmed with so much information to sift through, and we know this issue is certainly complicated. None of those feelings stimulates action. However, we do not expect you to know all the answers, and nor do your legislators.

 All we ask of you is simply this – inform your legislators that you live in their district and stream access is an important issue to you. Let them know you hope they will join you in this pursuit. If they have questions you don’t have the answer to, THAT’S PERFECTLY OK! The simple solution is “let me find out that answer and get back to you.” This opens dialog to help inform them, and you. And if you have any questions, never hesitate to Contact us!

[email protected]

That’s all for now. Over the next 44 days, we have the chance to make history. Let’s not squander the opportunity. As the session progresses, there will surely be more emails to come. Keep your eyes peeled for “Action Alerts.”

Thank you for the support. We will see you on the Hill.

Board of Directors
Utah Steam Access Coalition
[email protected]



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