The Flybook Refreshes List of Product Updates


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.21.42 AMFrom The Flybook:

A few of many recent product updates of note. Keep an eye out for them in your system!

Mobile Pro: Make/ edit reservations, take payments, change assignments, send confirmations, and more- all from your Flybook Mobile App! $10/month, unlimited users.

Speed Update: Flybook users should see a notable increase in speed across back end, front end, and mobile applications.

Enhanced Reporting Tools: New and enhanced financial, promo/ tracking code, product sales, and activity reports.

Enhanced Notification Tools: Enhanced customization of internal email notifications.

Taxes and Fees: Apply multiple tax or fee layers when using custom pricing.

And more! Watch our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages or contact us for full details.


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