KillerShot Introduces the GoSpike Mount for GoPro Cameras


Form Killershot:

11966579163_0fa12b1904_nThe action sport scene has waited a long time for the ideal GoPro® HERO® camera mount for recording dramatic footage from a low angle. The new KillerShot™ GoSpike™ mount gives users this opportunity with a simple, but durable design.

The KillerShot GoSpike is a 7.5-inch-tall spike that plants in snow, sand and soft ground to support GoPro HERO and other high-definition action cameras on an integrated ¼”-20 mount. The GoSpike can even work with DSLR cameras that have a ¼”-20 receptacle.

KillerShot, established in 2013, is a designer and manufacturer of essential GoPro and DSLR camera accessories that aid casual and professional videographers and photographers capture better footage. The GoSpike is the company’s first product introduction.

“We created the GoSpike so that bikers, skateboarders, motocross riders, trials riders, climbers, extreme anglers, extreme hunters, and many other action sport athletes could record footage from a great, cinematic perspective,” said Clint Donaldson, inventor of the GoSpike. “The GoSpike has many uses. I can see the product becoming an essential piece of gear for GoPro fans.”

The GoSpike features a four-fin cross-pattern design that keeps the spike stabilized in sand and soft ground conditions. The durable plastic construction endures the rigors of extreme sports and activities. The accessory is compatible with all current GoPro HERO® cameras and cameras with a ¼”-20 mount receptacle. For GoPro users, the GoSpike requires a tripod mount or similar accessory to serve as the connection between the GoPro HERO camera and GoSpike.

KillerShot recommends using a ball-head mount for more flexibility and versatility in getting killer footage with the GoSpike. At less than two ounces in weight, the GoSpike is a great travel accessory for outdoor adventures. The GoSpike is $24.95, and is available exclusively through KillerShot online at


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