Angling Trade: September 2013 Issue

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The Product Issue

Contents Include:

  • Rod Warranties Revisited
  • What We Learn from Yoga Pants
  • Hot List of New Gear
  • The Evolution of Fly Product
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Predatory Angling
  • and much more…

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3 Responses to Angling Trade: September 2013 Issue

  1. Andrew Metzger says:

    “Having the gear to go along with it is sure a damned nice touch, though.”

    -Yes it is!

  2. Ray Schmidt says:

    September 2013 issue coment

    Fly rod warranties.

    If anyone can remember, Orvis was the first company to jump into this pile by offering a 25 year unconditional warranty. In order to compete, others followed and one upped, so to speak.

    Every retailer, manufacturer and sales rep from this time forward started to talk warranty instead of performance and value to sell fly rods.

    What happened to the premium rod market? The makers of premium rods in the USA started to feel the heat from the Asian market and made their move. The move was to seek out makers of “off shore” rods and either incorperate them into their product lines or buy a sister company to offer these beauties up. The reps of these comp[anies hit the road with the new, easy sell. Buy our rod made offshore for 1/4 to a 1/3 of the our USA made rod…please? It worked, it really worked!

    So, now the very companies that are whining about the fly rod warranty issue, are the ones that exploited it the first place. It was an “easy sell”. We live by our past, grow up.

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