OceanGrip Announces Partnership Agreement with Yellowfin Yachts


From Ocean Grip:

OceanGrip, a premier manufacturer of high quality marine-grade flooring protection solutions, announced today its partnership with Yellowfin Yachts. Effective immediately, the market-leading manufacturer of open offshore fishing boats will offer durable and shock absorbent OceanGrip pads as a custom option to provide traction and protection for its entire line of premier center console, skiff and hybrid models. Selected to provide an unparalleled floor padding system that maximizes comfort while reducing fatigue, OceanGrip’s soft cushion delivers the ultimate in enhanced safety and ease on the water, and helps Yellowfin owners improve stamina for fishing and running in rough seas.

“Yellowfin designs and manufacturers some of the most well-respected fishing boats on the market,” said Mark Maus, president, OceanGrip. “We are thrilled to partner with them to provide their discerning owners with a durable marine flooring upgrade option accessory that helps preserve their boats while greatly enhancing safety and comfort on the water.”

“We quickly recognized that marine flooring pads can enhance our owners’ experience and add a stylish accessory that gives vessels a fun, personalized look,” said Wylie Nagler, president, Yellowfin Yachts. “What sets OceanGrip apart is its high-quality material, timely customization and personal customer service. We want the best for our customers, period. OceanGrip’s ability to seamlessly install the pads for added comfort and safety in a quick, easy and precise application is key. We believe our customers will enjoy the ability to customize the look of their vessel, as well as add color, logos and other design elements to make a personalized statement with their Yellowfin.”


OceanGrip marine flooring pads enhance comfort, reduce fatigue, dampen noise and vibration, and safeguard decks from scuffs, chips and dents. Featuring an innovative, textured surface for exceptional traction even when wet, the pads reduce the potential for slipping and falling on slippery boat decks and are equipped with a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy installation with a simple peel and stick application. Whether at anchor or running in rough seas, hard vessel surfaces can create feet, ankle, knee and back discomfort; OceanGrip is a perfect addition to high traffic areas on a vessel and aid anglers by dampening sound and vibration that can spook fish. For discerning vessel owners, OceanGrip flooring pads are a stylish accessory that give any vessel a new look and can be personalized to include logos, contours, designs or vessel name.

For more information on the OceanGrip and Yellowfin partnership, or OceanGrip and its new line of high quality marine flooring pads, please contact 941-379-4455 or [email protected], or visit www.oceangrip.com.

About OceanGrip:

Based in Sarasota, Florida, OceanGrip offers boating enthusiasts improved on the water safety and security solutions. The company is committed to providing the highest quality customer service and products to both end-users and OEMs. Made in the USA, OceanGrip’s in-house manufacturing capabilities allow for flexible and timely custom fits and installations of its durable and shock absorbent UV protected flooring pads. www.oceangrip.com


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