John Hoagland, Vice President of sales for Simms Fishing Products – steps down.


John Hoagland, who as Vice President of sales for Simms Fishing Products was instrumental in shaping that country’s strategy to reach into the conventional tackle market, has stepped down.

A statement from Simms C.E.O. K.C Walsh:

“John Hoagland is resigning from Simms and will be transitioning out of the company over the next month.  John has expressed a desire to return  home to Milwaukee and we accept this decision.  As we plan for 2014, it is the right time to make the transition.  John will be assisting me during this period and plans to be in the office during the week of July 29.  We thank John for his many contributions to Simms, and wish John well.”



  1. It is late in the evening and I just read the story of John Hoagland stepping down from Simms. Maybe now some common sense will return to the management structure at Simms. Maybe management may take another look at retail and see that the company is misguided and out of touch with what made Simms a great company. I celebrate his departure.

  2. “We are Simms and we can do anything we want”. John’s arrogance drove that attitude. I too, celebrate his departure.

  3. I have to agree with the previous comments. I met John once and he seemed to be arrogant, rude,and sarcastic. I am sure everyone at Simms who had the displeasure of working with this guy everyday is elated right now.

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