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Buff Prints DeYoung

Buff has carved its own special niche in the soft goods arena by offering a wide range of headwear that, though extremely simple in design, is exceptionally functional and versatile in use from sun protection, to warmth, to simply making a colorful fashion statement.

The latest additions to the Buff lineup accentuate that sophisticated aesthetic attribute, as they feature works from one of fly-fishing most alprazolam online noted and respected artists, Derek DeYoung.  There will be six distinct prints available in 2014, all U/V high materials, which block 95 percent of the sun’s harmful rays.  Retail will be $24.

“We’ve wanted to do this series for a couple of seasons but other projects have taken me in other directions,” said DeYoung.   “I’m excited to have this going and look forward to seeing how it all goes.”


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