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From Bird Marketing Group Inc.

Bird Marketing Group Inc. is pleased to announce that Fly Fusion Magazine, a leader in relevant fly-fishing media, will be launching a new product, Fly Fusion Mobi, at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Las Vegas this week. These additional issues of Fly Fusion Magazine have been designed in a standard 16 x 9 aspect ratio television format and feature only the best in fly-fishing film, articles and photography and will compliment the printed issues. The first issue contains 67 “slides” (134 pages) of pure escapism, including close to two and a half hours of some of the best fly-fishing film from around the globe.

“Our organization is dedicated to print media and the data shows that well done print media is still king”, says Bird Marketing Group President Chris Bird, “Fly Fusion Magazine is among the top three performing fly-fishing titles in Barnes & Noble, the US’s largest magazine dealer and we are very excited about that, however, you cannot embed a Vimeo link in paper – yet. This move to add a mobile product to our portfolio of offerings has been in the development process for over a year and was implemented to address two key items. The first is that it will allow our organization to better serve a younger fly-fishing demographic. The second is that it will provide us with a more effective cross-promotional solution between Fly Fusion Magazine and the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, which has grown significantly.”

Fly Fusion Magazine is distributed throughout North America in print and around the globe via its new Mobi platform. It is a popular choice among today’s fly-fishing enthusiasts. The magazine features relevant editorial from the sports top authors and photographers. We would like to thank Nick Pujic, Brian Grossenbacher, Tim Pask, Adrienne Comeau, Peter Christensen, Bryan Gregson, Jim McLennan, Wil Flack and Louis Cahill for contributing to this exciting new project. Fly Fusion Mobi will be accessible via desktop, laptop, iPad, Android, iPhone, iUnderwear and more throughout the International Fly Tackle Dealer show this next week and will be available to the public on July 15th, 2013.


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