Cortland Sales Staff Expands to 18 Reps


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 10.40.18 AMFrom Cortland:

Randi Swisher, Cortland’s VP of Sales & Marketing, and Mark Schindel, Director of Sportfishing & Outdoor Products, have hired 14 new sales representatives, effectively tripling the size of the Cortland sales force. Nine of the new reps specialize in sportfishing products and are members of the Sports Marketing South sales agency headquartered in metro Atlanta, Georgia. They will cover the southeastern states ranging from the Mid-Atlantic to Mississippi. Five of the new hires, along with four Cortland veteran sales reps, are fly-fishing buy xanax 2mg specialists and will cover the major fly-fishing states in the northeast, central and western United States.

“Mark and I are pleased to welcome some of the most successful sales reps in the fishing tackle industry to the new Cortland Line Company,” explained Randi Swisher during the announcement. “Collectively, they bring hundreds of years of experience and success with them, and I am confident that we are now fully staffed and ready to launch our exciting new product line for 2014.”


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  1. It is great to see Cortland Line coming back. The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is proud to have Cortland Line continue to provide product and materials for outh and veterans. This has been a great association for over 34 years. They are now the sponsor of the Catskill Rodmakers Gathering Demarest Bambooo Rodmakers Challenge. Its all about fly fishing.

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