Angling Trade: April 2013 Issue

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Contents Include:

  • Getting Smart About Point of Sale
  • The Adventures of Oliver White
  • Innovative Fundraising
  • The Things We Should Agree Upon
  • Great New Books
  • The Royal Treatment
  • and much more…

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  1. Three Things
    It’s Fly Fishing, hyphens are old school for double noun’s… like ancient. Capital letters as well, lets give this most excellent sport the recognition it deserves.
    Stream Access is, IMHO, a State by State issue. Each should have a system set up, like for instance NH’s PWAAB. But priority should be given to the Public with respect to all still and moving waters being an accessible Natural Resource to existing high water lines for the enjoyment of all.
    Sunday begins this years Steelhead Survey, and I will be along looking for, and evidence of, the Silver Bullet… like so many other areas of need, keeping a finger on the pulse so to speak.
    I have in the past, stood motionless while big fish did their thing mere feet from me. I am amazed with each experience, being left with a greater perspective.
    80/20 is a gauge of passion methinks… they know who they are…and furthermore, what they need to start doing in the “giving back” department.
    not sayin…jus sayin

  2. I have added baitwhacker to my conversations! (Although I have to say it does sound like something you need to confess if you are Catholic.) 🙂

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