Freedom Hawk Kayaks Lures David Rose into the Kayak Fishing Industry


David Rose of Freedom Hawk Kayaks

From Freedom Hawk Kayaks:

Freedom Hawk Kayaks, manufacturer of the Stand-Up Fishing Kayaks with the distinctive feature of inline outriggers, today introduced industry veteran David Rose as its new President. A leader with proven experience in consumer product sales and marketing management in the outdoor, marine and fishing industries, Rose, with 14 years of prior experience with Dagger, joins Freedom Hawk Kayaks after a slight detour from the outdoor industry working in technology and marketing fields.

In his new role with Freedom Hawk Kayaks, Rose will be responsible for leading all product line management, marketing, communications, branding and production efforts. David’s addition and the subsequent move of the Company from Massachusetts to Tennessee brings the home office closer to the manufacturing facility, also the manufacturer of Jackson Kayaks, and provides constant and close communication with production and shipping.

“David has a wealth of experience that will serve him well in the management, sales and marketing roles and we’re pleased to welcome him to Freedom Hawk Kayaks.” said Dave Cameron, Founder.

“The passion for the sport of kayak fishing is evident when speaking with the current Freedom Hawk Kayak owners. They are a tribe loyal to the brand and I look forward to joining the fun.” said Rose. “I’m looking forward to continuing the creation of a unique and versatile brand.”

About Freedom Hawk Kayaks
Freedom Hawk Kayaks manufactures the finest kayaks for fishing in the world. Made in the United States with a patented outrigger system, Freedom Hawk’s angling kayaks, including the Pathfinder and Freedom 12 are specially designed for stand-up kayak fishing enthusiasts who want to stand safely and comfortably.


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