Lake Champlain International asks PETA, “Don’t be Silly!”


From Lake Champlain International:

If you have ever gone fishing, you know that the hobby brings friends and family together, helps people develop an environmental ethic and passion for protecting our natural resources, and is relaxing.  Contrary to what the organization PETA claims in a letter that demands closure of the Let’s Go Fishing program, fishing does not teach children that “violence is acceptable,” as the vice president and author of the letter said.  Read the Burlington Free Press story about the letter here.

Studies have found that recreational fishing leads to “youth development, social support, good mental health outcomes, behavioral management, and reductions in stress and anxiety,” according to several scientists and described in this report.

Also contrary to what PETA claims, current science concludes that fish do not experience pain in their mouths from fishing.  Take a look at the science in this study or even this one.

James Ehlers, LCI Executive Director, invites PETA “to join with us in our continued efforts to enlist stewards of our cherished natural resources as we instill the skills of self-sufficiency necessary for the development of healthy esteem apparent among the well-adjusted members of our society,”

PETA: Let’s discuss ending actual violence in our culture while casting a line under a summer sun nestling in for the night behind the Adirondack Mountain Range.  Then after supper, the one you caught for us, we can perhaps agree on some solutions we can work on together.

For the well-being of current and future generations, the health of our lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams, and the vibrancy of our communities, we wish you and your family another great year of happy fishing.


The LCI Team


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