Flymen Fishing expands Line of Fish-Skull Tying Products


From Flymen Fishing Company:

Flymen has expanded its line of Fish-Skull® Living Eyes to now include eight sizes!  We now offer a fully comprehensive range of colors and sizes designed to fit everything from smaller trout patterns to huge predator style flies.

Keeping up with demand for big flies to chase muskie, pike, large trout, and various saltwater species, we’ve created the new, extra large 15mm (5/8″) PREDATOR SIZE eyes!  Finally, eyes proportionate to the size of larger flies designed to trigger an attack response from large, toothy, aggressive species such as golden dorado, peacock bass, tiger fish and barracuda.

We’ve also added two new smaller sizes:  3mm (1/8′) and 4mm (5/32″). The new 3mm and 4mm sizes are perfect fit for our Sculpin Helmets and smaller size Fish-Skulls or for any other smaller streamers you may wish to tie.

Visit the Living Eyes product page for more info.

Using the latest in photo-realistic holographic technology, Flymen has developed the most realistic range of 3D fish-eyes for fly tying on the planet at a very compelling price point. No longer will fly tiers have to rely on fish eyes created using an “artist’s impression” of what they think fish eyes look like.


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