The Flybook Tests new Platform and Grows Team


From The Flybook:

Here at The Flybook, we’ve been writing thousands of lines of code, growing our team, and testing the new Flybook 2.0 system to make sure you have the opportunity to take advantage of this powerful platform as we head into Spring! 

To review, last fall we briefly covered:

•    In-House & Online Reservation Management for Guided Trips, Classes, Events,Lodging
•    Real-Time, Active Booking Availability Calendar
•    Mobile Apps for Staff
•    Automated Email Confirmations Payment Receipts
•    Integrated Email Marketing
•    Client Relationship Management Tools
•    Website Widgets
•    Quickbooks Integration
•    Post-Use; Financial Reporting
•    Websites by The Flybook
•    and much more….

Now is the time to start setting up for 2013.

It is important to us that we spend as much time as necessary educating potential customers and their teams about full muscle of the Flybook. It is during this time we can get an accurate understanding of your business organization and needs. The Flybook is tremendously flexible and can be adapted to serve the unique circumstances of your business.

We are hoping to schedule a one on one demonstration with you to review the platform and follow up to address any lingering questions. This followup demonstration should not take more than about 30 minutes and can be done via the phone/internet.

Please feel free to call 541.410.6540 or email us arrange a demo or ask questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


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