Islander Introduces the “Classic” Spey Reel


The Islander “Classic” Spey Reel

From Islander:

After 4 years of research and development and field testing, we think we have a winner.

Presenting the “islander classic”, a modern day “spey” reel with some traditional attributes.

The reel has been designed to address the market that has arisen around the “skagit and skandi” style of lines, a reel that doesn’t require huge capacity but should compliment both switch rods and the lighter line shooting head and spey rods and lines.


  •  Click and pawl reel
  •  Spool rides on two oilite bushings on a stainless steel spindle.
  •  Drag is 5 position adjustable and is effected by tensioning the clicker spring against the clicker/pawl.
  • Diameter 4.2 inches
  • Width 1.25 inches
  • Weight 11.2 ounces.
  •  Quick release spool

Three spool sizes available, all fit a common frame.

Spool #6 has 6 cu.In of volume and is meant for 6/7 lines
Spool #8 has 8 cu.In of volume and is meant for 8/9 lines
Spool #10 has 10.5 cu.In of volume and is meant for 10/11 lines.

Line capacities will be dependent on the line configuration used and the type of backing desired. Too many options to accurately list any capacities.

One color combination only, slate grey frame with a silver spool and accents.

Comes with one handle and a counterweight but can be retrofitted with   two handles if desired.

Spey-sized foot available for those rods using a larger reel seat.

Msrp reel will be $499.00
Msrp spool will be $245.00

Limited quantity available in the first production run


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