The Flybook partners with the Wild Steelhead Coalition in support of protection for wild steelhead.



THE FLyBOOK llc and the Wild Steelhead Coalition announce the establishment of a working partnership.    The FLyBOOK llc will be leveraging their existing placement in the outdoor industry to provide another platform for the Wild Steelhead Coalition to spread the word about their work of increasing the returns of wild steelhead to the waters of the Pacific Coast.

The Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization, that was founded in 2000 by a group of conscientious steelhead anglers and advocates, determined to make lasting change for this iconic species. For more than 10 years, the WSC has worked to build partnerships, educate stakeholders, and change policy on behalf of the fish.

“As our outdoor business network has grown over the last five years, we have been searching for the right conservation organization to partner with,” said Craig Langer, CEO/Owner of The Flybook. ” Living in the Northwest, being a company that serves outdoor based businesses, as well as being avid steelhead fishermen it is a relationship that makes sense on a lot of levels.”

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to get the plight of wild steelhead in front of so many anglers and people who are passionate about the outdoors, “ said Jonathan Stumpf, Wild Steelhead Coalition board member. “It is encouraging when businesses recognize the importance of protecting a resource vital to their livelihood.”

The partnership has been initially organized around a plan that includes the establishment of a network to support continued education regarding current issues facing the return of wild steelhead, and culminating with the creation of a channel to encourage the capture and collection of donations and partners to help further this critical cause.

Be looking for more details in the coming months regarding this unique partnership.

For further information please contact:

Craig Langer
The Flybook
[email protected]

Jonathan Stumpf
Wild Steelhead Coalition
[email protected]

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About The Wild Steelhead Coalition
The WSC is comprised of concerned citizens determined to reverse the factors that have negatively impacted wild steelhead and, in so doing, to restore healthy and viable populations of wild steelhead to the Pacific Northwest. The WSC provides a voice that unites the public, private, and other interests.
We represent conservationists, recreational fishermen, and businesses that depend upon wild steelhead for their livelihoods, and citizens who seek to preserve the future of the Pacific Coast’s greatest resource.



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