Global Rescue deployed after member falls between train and platform


From Global Rescue:

While in Germany vacationing with his family, a member was attempting to board a train when he fell into the gap between the train and the platform, severely lacerating his leg. Soon after the incident, his son contacted Global Rescue.

After the initial call, local medics arrived on the scene and transported the member to a nearby hospital, where physicians attempted to control the bleeding and performed an x-ray. On first review, local medical staff in Germany felt that the situation was stable and that there was no evidence of any fractures or injury beyond the laceration.

After reviewing the injury with local doctors, it was decided that the best course of action would be for the member to remain in Germany for a further 5 days to determine whether the leg was stable for transport and if a skin graft would be required. The member could then be transported to his home hospital in Houston for further treatment.

Global Rescue took steps to ensure the member remained comfortable in hospital and contacted his wife, who helped obtain the release of relevant medical records. These allowed Global Rescue medical teams to better understand whether appropriate care was being received and what the next steps should be in the treatment process.

As a result of the extended stay and to monitor the patient during the onward transportation, Global Rescue deployed medical personnel to Germany who met the injured member and his wife at the hospital, arranged his discharge, and oversaw his transport.

Once on the ground in Houston, Global Rescue arranged ground transportation for the member from the airport to ER at the receiving hospital.

After an ER evaluation and diagnostics, it was determined that the member’s injury was healing well and the situation did not require further hospital admission.

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