A Company Worth Noting: VEDAVOO


We love the small-business makes good success stories (that’s part of what makes the fly fishing industry special), and VEDAVOO is one of the best to happen in recent years.

Literally down to the last few hundred bucks in his bank account, Scott Hunter bought a sail-making machine on Craigslist, and taught himself how to design and sew bags and packs.  Last year, VEDAVOO made its IFTD debut in New Orleans, and the company is back in Reno, already garnering a lot of buzz on the show floor.

Why the attention?

For starters, VEDAVOO is manufacturing in Lancaster, Massachusetts, and as such, is competing as a “made in America” brand in a segment that’s clearly dominated by imports.  What we really like most, however, is the functionality.  VEDAVOO’s Tightlines Sling ($99) is very “fishable,” its Chest Pack ($49) is an alternative to lanyards for the minimalist angle, and the Spinner Daypack’s ($119) harness rides higher (so it’s more stable and comfortable) than most other day packs we’ve fished with.

It’s also worth noting that VEDAVOO staff designs by hand (rather than computer).  This translates to some creative insights that anglers appreciate (we especially like the thinness of profiles, and how flat the packs fit to an angler’s body.  Check out www.vedavoo.com to learn more.


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