Angling Trade: August 2012 Issue

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Contents Include:

  • Twenty Years After “The Movie”
  • Selling Flies
  • Cabela’s Teaches
  • Carp Tournaments
  • The Complete Fly Fishing Writer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • IFTD Schedule
  • Where to Eat in Reno
  • and much more…

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  2. Louis Torrans on

    Over the last few years, a new buying format has occured. The term most oftened used is “Show Rooming”. Simply, this means that consumers enter a landed store, work with the sales staff on the products they are interested in, test drive them if you will and depart to search the internet for the thing and brand they want. This has been happening to a large degree in places like Best Buy, Sears, the extinct Circuit City and others. Furniture stores too are seeing this more often and it is becoming quite problematic for them. The landed book stores will fall to this I fear.

    I wonder if Angling Trade would explore this issue in some depth in respect to the hometown fly shop vs. online sales and how manufacturers either perpetuate the problem or work to prevent it.


    Louis Torrans

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