Tenkara Anglers Hold Convention in Salt Lake City


From TenkaraUSA:

Practitioners of a Japanese style of fly fishing called “tenkara” will hold a convention July 28th to 29th in Salt Lake City, drawing anglers from around the world.

This weekend, over 300 anglers who practice an unusual form of fly fishing known as “tenkara” will participate at a second annual event dedicated to the method. The Tenkara Summit will be held at the University of Utah Campus starting at 9AM on Saturday.

Tenkara is unique in that no reel is used, only a rod, line and fly, with the line being affixed directly to the rod.  The method originated in Japan and was introduced to the USA by Daniel Galhardo through his company Tenkara USA— the main sponsor of the event.  Since its introduction in 2009, tenkara has seen a steady rise in popularity in North America, South America, the EU, and Australia.

A similar event was held last year in Yellowstone National Park. This year around 300 people, more than twice the number of participants, will be attending, flying in from all over the US to enjoy the event and fishing in Utah. Registrations far exceeded Tenkara USA founder Daniel Galhardo’s expectations, and registrations had to be capped and closed early.

Galhardo says, “The Tenkara Summit, an event I started last year, is intended to bring together the passionate community of tenkara anglers from all corners of the US and beyond.”

Several Japanese tenkara experts will be coming from Japan especially to attend and give demonstrations. Galhardo sees this as an important step in preserving tenkara as it is translated to a Western audience. “We’re very proud to count on the special participation of very experienced tenkara anglers from Japan, including Dr. Ishigaki, the most prominent authority on tenkara. With the Tenkara Summit I want to spread the knowledge about tenkara and how it is practiced in Japan”, says Galhardo.

The Tenkara Summit is being co-organized by Salt Lake City-based Tenkara Guides, LLC—a company specializing in guided tenkara fly fishing trips.  They will also be giving clinics throughout the event and available for guided trips afterwards.

Registrations for the event have been closed.

For more information, visit www.tenkarausa.com/summit

About Tenkara USA

Tenkara USA is a fully independent, US-based company. Founded in 2009 by Daniel W. Galhardo. Tenkara USA is the first and company in the US dedicated to bringing the traditional method of Japanese fly-fishing, tenkara, to those in pursuit of a simpler and more effective way to fly-fish mountain streams.

About Tenkara Guides

Tenkara Guides is a tenkara based fly fishing guide service specializing in Utah streams and rivers. They provide guided excursions using unique, effective, easy to learn methods of tenkara fly fishing perfectly suited to Utah’s waters. Their certified professional guides will design a unique trip customized to your schedule, level of experience, and craving for adventure.

For more information, please contact [email protected]


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  1. I am very glad that the segment is experiencing growth and an increase in awareness. Whether pulling from existing ranks of fly fishers or drawing in a new crowd, it is movement in the industry.

    But I do wonder how much of the swelling ranks at this event are due to the fact that many of us would have been in Salt Lake for Outdoor Retailer. It is not a stretch to add a few extra days to the trip for R&R events, especially when the dates bookend so cleanly into the Outdoor Retailer show. I do it every year! Be interesting to see if attendance holds next year if the event is not in a major city during a big outdoor convention. Just wondering mind you…

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