Phantom Magazines Duping Manufacturers?


Ever heard of Fly Angler Magazine? We didn't think so...

It seems like every time we turn around, we’re hearing of another upstart online fly fishing magazine.  Apparently in some cases, these “new media” entities are little more than scams.

One rod company, for example, has been approached four times to send premium fly rods for product reviews.  Acting in good faith, the company has gotten the contact addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc., and has taken credit card numbers to secure the rods. But alas, when the rods never came back and the lending company followed up, the phone numbers were disconnected, and the credit cards are declined.

Interestingly, in all four cases, the Massachusetts addresses were actually UPS stores.  The “magazines” in question go by “On the Fly,” (not Wild on the Fly) The Global Angler,” (not the Global FlyFisher), “The Hendrickson” (not The Drake) and “Fly Angler Magazine” (not Angling Trade, though it uses the AT font).

Seems like quite an elaborate scheme to steal fly rods (it might be easier to actually produce an online magazine).  But let the buyer—or in this case, the lender—beware.  If other manufacturers have encountered this issue or have additional insights, AT would be most eager to hear them.



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