Product Highlights: Midcurrent Collaboration


Umpqua's Fly Line Scale

As most of you know, Angling Trade is collaborating with MidCurrent to produce weekly field test reviews of various products—some fly fishing specific, and others that can be applied to fly fishing.  The goal, naturally, is to offer insights that pique the interests of angler consumers, hopefully enough to prompt a visit to the fly shop.

In every issue of Angling Trade E-news going forward, we’ll highlight six gear posts.  Please contact Tim Romano ([email protected]) if you have a product that you’d like tested and reviewed, and/or if you have insights on gear that you’d like to offer.  This month’s reviews are as follows (you can read the full stories by clicking the links).

SporTube Vac Rac Combi.  “Since getting it I’ve been putting it through the paces and can honestly say for the price, and complete ease of set up and removal there is no better rod rack. Simply stick the two magnetic bases on your car and viola, you’re done. When finished, peel it off.  Speeds up to 65mph didn’t seem to be an issue either.” TR

Umpqua Fly Line Scale. “Why, why, why, didn’t someone tell me this product existed? It would have saved me untold amounts of money, time, and hours of frustration sorting and guessing about stacks of used but totally usable fly lines in my garage. You know the problem. You take a line off a reel, put on another line on, coil up the old fly line and forget to mark what it is. Only to come back months later scratching your head, knowing you just wasted a good deal of money because you were lazy and didn’t mark said line.” TR

Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar Pack. “Let’s get a sensitive issue out of the way right here, right now. We don’t all have model bodies. Certain fanny packs just don’t jibe with the spare tire. ‘Nuff said about that.  And too much capacity can ultimately be a bad thing, when it comes to hiking around extra weight.

This pack, which is made of lightweight materials and costs around $70, has just enough capacity in its main zipper pocket to hold a large fly box, and a couple extra small containers for specialty patterns. It has an outer zip pocket to contain a license, leaders, tippet, and those types of things.”  KD

Yeti Beverage Entry Tool. “Granted, some of you heroes have figured out how to open the frosty bottle of suds with a Bic lighter, the edge of a cooler, the gunwales of your boat, and (dentist-forbid) even your teeth. But our friends from Yeti (the cooler people) have weighed in with a supremely smart and efficient tool for the drinking man (or woman) who likes to fish. Yeti’s beverage entry tool has all the bases covered. There’s the standard cap-snapper.  Then there are teeth grips that make plying a twist-off easier, and even a pop-top lever for those inclined to crack a can with smartly engineered assistance.” KD

Interview with Brian Westover, Inventor of “Thingamabobber.”  “The Thingamabobber is a great arrow to have in your fishing quiver.  When you are in a situation that calls for nymphing with an indicator, it is a very dependable, durable, and easy to use indicator.  The recognition of a patent is very exciting, it supports all the hard work that went into the development, production, and marketing of the product and validates the Thingamabobber’s unique concept and design.   It has been really cool to see others use them and get excited about this thing that started with a simple idea and drawing.  We as a company hope to build on the success of Thingamabobber and grow into something that stands for all the good that fly fishing has to offer.” TR


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