This Just In… Westwater Earns Patent for Thingamabobber


Westwater Products: Thingamabobber

Westwater Products has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office for its strike indicator the “Thingamabobber.”  The company says this solidifies its claim to revolutionary “trapped air technology,” which is fast becoming a mainstay in the fly fishing market.

“I envisioned a more durable, reliable, and environmentally sound alternative to existing methods” said Thingamabobber creator Brian Westover.  “I think the effectiveness of the Thingamabobber is its simplicity.  It takes the hassle out of fishing with an indicator.  It offers superior buoyancy, durability, and “cast-ability”.

The Thingamabobber is only the beginning, Westover added, pointing to his most recent adaptation, the “Thingamabody,”  a versatile fly tying material idea that captures the buoyancy and durability of a Thingamabobber in a dry fly.  For more information please go to


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