Fly Fishing Film Tour Hits the Road


The Fly Fishing Film Tour is set to begin its nationwide trek, starting January 26 in Ventura, California.  The tour will ultimately make stops in 115 locations, including 29 in Canada, through late April. The tour will hit major markets like Denver and San Francisco, as well as smaller hometowns of angling aficionados.

Many of you are already involved on the grassroots level with the tour as it swings through your area, but you might be interested to check out some of the trailers posted on the FlyTalk blog at

This year’s lineup is stellar, with gritty, insightful films like “Reverb: A Punk Rock Love Story,” “Doc of the Drakes” and “The Kodiak Project” (near and dear to us) in the mix.

You might also be interested to know that the Fly Fishing Film Tour, while it has become an annual tradition and key promoter of the sport in communities throughout the country, has a tangible impact that reaches far beyond social gatherings. The tour plans to generate $30,000 for filmmakers, and give away over $350,000 in prizes to attendees. It offers great marketing and customer outreach platforms for local fly dealers as well.

For specific dates and locations, you can visit


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