RIO Products releases its new slow sinking Hover Line


From Rio Products:

(Idaho Falls, Idaho) – RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is pleased to bring anglers the new Hover fly line – designed specifically for the lake angler.

RIO’s new Hover line has an ultra slow sink rate of approximately one inch per second – almost half that of a regular intermediate line. It is ideal for anglers who want to fish just below the surface in shallow bays, close to lake edges, and over the top of weed beds. The line is also a great choice on windy days when anglers need to fish shallow but don’t want the wind to affect the line. Due to its slow sink rate, the Hover line is perfect for fishing nymphs and chironomids just below the surface, when fish are feeding in the top layers of the water column and for fishing fast streamers without waking the fly.

The Hover line is a subtle olive color that blends with surroundings beautifully and provides a stealthy approach for wary fish. The ultra slow sink rate, paired with RIO’s ultra-slick XS Technology coating, may occasionally cause the line to float at the start of the day’s fishing, but with a couple of quick tugs to break the water’s surface tension, this line will begin its super slow decent. Available in WF4S1-WF8S1, this line has a welded front loop for fast rigging and can be found at any quality RIO dealer for $74.95.


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