Tenkara USA Updates Product Line for 2012


From Tenkara USA:

Unlike most manufacturers, Tenkara USA – the first company to introduce the Japanese method of fly-fishing to the US, has decided to eschew releasing “new” rods and products every year, instead choosing to focus on the Japanese concept of kaizen, continued improvement, of all its products. This will mean fewer press-releases, but a lineup of products that stands the test of time, remains simple and becomes the best in the world in the tenkara category of fly-fishing.

Newest Tenkara USA rod: ITO

In its continue improvement work, every now and then Tenkara USA will push a product beyond the boundaries of its current offerings, and only then will a new product be released. This is the case with the our newest tenkara rod, the Ito. The Ito is a work of 3 years of continued improvements on our rods, where we accepted feedback from our teachers in Japan and suggestions from tenkara anglers in the US. The Ito is a rod that can be fished as a 13ft long rod or a 14ft 7inches long! While this may sound like a scary length, anyone who fishes tenkara, and those who have experience with the Ito will tell you its length is perfect for just about any mountain stream, large or small. At $235.95 the Ito is our most premium rod and comes with lifetime warranty, with uncomplicated repairs by replacing rod segments if necessary.

New Tenkara USA concept product
: Shorten your rod with an add-on segment
We have decided to play a bit with the telescopic functionality of tenkara rods, where segments collapse into one another and can easily be removed or replaced. For 2012 we have decided to offer an add-on option to our customers looking for a shorter tenkara rod. Tenkara rods normally range from 11ft in length to 14ft 7inches, with 12ft being the average length. This length is counter-intuitive but provides for great advantages in mountain streams, large or small. However, we understand there are people that like fishing VERY small mountain streams. With them in mind, and to keep our rod lineup simple and versatile and not force anglers to buy a brand new rod, we have decided to make available inexpensive add-on handle segments that allow anglers to shorten their rods. Thus, an angler could have his standard 12ft rod, but if he really feels it is necessary now he has the option of purchasing a handle segment to make the rod 11ft long or 9ft4inches. One simply removes the bottom cap of the rod, removes all segments that are inside of it, and inserts them minus the first one into the new handle segment. This for only $39.95.

New Traditional Tenkara Lines, by Tenkara USA:
We have greatly improved our traditional tenkara lines for 2012, making them more supple, easier to cast and importantly tweaking their design so they don’t “recoil” back when freed from a snag. This is an improvement over any existing traditional tenkara lines, which are tapered and furled. $19.95.

New Tenkara nets:
We have improved the design of our original tenkara nets and added a new size to the lineup: now available in 9inches or 10.5 inches diameter. Our tenkara nets feature the original design of traditional tenkara nets, with the frame positioned at an angle from the handle and a super fine mesh (2mm). The angle makes tenkara nets not only unique and exquisite, but also highly functional, and the fine mesh offers several advantages to angler and fish. The angled net allows you to position it on your back, through the wading belt, while the net stays off your back and allows for free movement. When fishing in shallower water you can press it behind your knees after you net a fish so you can use both hands to manage the fish, or take a picture. It has become our favorite picture-taking device. If in deeper water, you can also leave the handle through your wading belt on your side as you have both hands free to unhook the fish or take a picture. The round handle also ensures you can position it between your legs, or the positions mentioned above, and it won’t turn. In sum, a very well designed angler’s tool.



  1. Rick Setina on

    I like the idea of being able to shorten the rods by changing handles. I may look into this, though I wonder how the new handle will change the stiffness of the original rod. It’s worth a try for $40.

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