St. Croix to keep Imperial Rod Production in USA


A letter from Jeff Schluter, VP of Sales and Marketing to his reps:

“You may know we have continued manufacturing the Imperial fly rods in Park Falls, USA. This week we decided to maintain production in Park Falls permanently. I wanted you to know this as I’m sure it will be well received by our customers. Imperials are technical blank designs and ultimately we felt they should stay in Park Falls.

We just updated our website to reflect the Park Falls Origin. Rod labels have been redesigned to reflect this change, but it will take some time before you will see “Made in USA” on the rod label in the field. The last part of the change will be the 2013 catalogs.”


Jeff Schluter
V.P. – Sales & Marketing
St. Croix Rod



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  3. A very smart move for St. Croix staying true to its roots by continuing to produce a value priced rod in not only the US but my home state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin made, Wisconsin proud. Hats off to the Schluter family for helping move the Wisconsin manufacturing economy forward.

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