Buying Group Lures Manufacturers to “The Other Side”


From Nation’s Best Sports:

Not all fly fishing products are sold through exclusive fly fishing
stores, or fly shops.  There exists a whole other segment of fly
fishing customers – the general sporting goods store.  While one
thinks of sporting goods stores as running shoe, exercise equipment
and golf club outlets, many independent sporting goods maintain
well-stocked hunting and fishing departments.  And fishing departments
in sporting goods stores located in areas like the Rocky Mountains,
the Southwest, the East and Gulf coastal areas will have a good
representation of the latest fly fishing products.

“How can fly fishing product manufacturers tap into this other side?
The absolute fastest and most efficient way is to investigate retail
sporting goods buying groups.  And the largest and oldest of these is
N.B.S. (Nation’s Best Sports) located in Fort Worth, Texas.

“N.B.S has reached out to the fly fishing industry and consequently had
the largest involvement of fly fishing manufacturers at their
September Fall Market in Fort Worth.  First-time attendee, Mont Adams
of Hendix Outdoors had this to say following the market:

“We have been a fly fishing manufacturer in the western part of
the US for many years and have been looking for an avenue to take our
services eastward. Many of our customers are members of the NBS buying
group and have had nothing but praise for their programs. When NBS
approached us last summer to be part of their new fly fishing group,
we were excited to take advantage of the opportunity.

When we arrived in Fort Worth, we were impressed with the buying
market from the beginning. They really take care of their manufactures
and their retailers. We were able to make many new friends and expand
our customer base significantly. It is a very well organized program
and makes buying very profitable for It’s retailers. Fly shops would
especially benefit from this opportunity to buy from such a large
variety of manufacturers. It’s time for fly shops to get out of the
box and expand there buying options.”

Mont Adams
Hendrix Outdoors/Adamsbuilt

The welcome mat is out for fly fishing manufacturers.

For more information regarding participation with N.B.S. contact Marty Plazo
[email protected] in Fort Worth or Fly Fishing Coordinator, John Pinto in
Michigan at [email protected]


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