CTU Amps Efforts to Save the Upper Colorado and Fraser


Colorado Trout Unlimited is spearheading a significant public relations campaign to protect the Upper Colorado River and Fraser River.  See www.DefendtheColorado.org.

The issue at hand is that as much as 80 percent of the water from these rivers could be siphoned off and pumped away to water lawns in Colorado’s Front Range and metro Denver region.  The ramifications on the fisheries are clearly negative.  It’s an issue that has impact reaching far beyond that part of Colorado, as it pertains to public priorities in managing water resources, and could help shape future programs as well.

TU needs your help in getting the initial momentum behind this campaign going, and providing some baseline awareness among anglers of what TU is doing.  That starts with the angling “base” and some simple social media efforts.

Here is the request:

1)      Please have everyone you know find the Facebook page CTU has set up, and ‘Like’ the page.  It can be navigated to directly at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Defend-the-Colorado/164537183632898 CTU needs a few hundred “likes” in the next few days.  It will only take like 10 seconds of your time.  CTU needs this baseline of support before it can broaden this out to the larger population.
2)      Visit the new website, located at http://www.DefendtheColorado.org and sign the petition.  This also will help build some momentum, as CTU can get a ‘signers counter’ going once it garners  a few hundred people as signatories.

This issue was prioritized on National TU’s National Conservation Agenda recently, meaning it is one of the top issues that TU is going to work on nationally in the months ahead.  Thank you for your


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