New Rods From Redington




Redington designed the Torrent to be an all-around rod for anglers of all skill levels. We cast it, and felt it packed some punch, without overshadowing the finesse and feel, perhaps that’s thanks to the premium Toray graphite Redington uses to make these blanks. They’re not flashy rods; the focus is on function and value, with the 3- through 6-weight models equipped with a carbon fiber reel seat insert, and the 7- through 12-weights offering a simple anodized aluminum reel seat. You can choose between three different sizes of fighting butts for the various line weights, in effect matching the end-size of the rod to to the fishing application you like most. Each model comes with an aluminum tube and rod sock. At $249.95, the value factor makes this rod an appealing option.



This saltwater rod has reserve power to fight large fish, thanks to the carbon fiber weave in the butt section and ferrules for added durability and strength. We think it is a solid entry-level saltwater rod, or backup/add-on rod for the seasoned angler who wants to put another line weight in the bag, but doesn’t want to drop several hundred bucks to do so. The predator will get you through plenty of Bonefish jaunts to the Bahamas. Available in 6 through 14-weights, the Predator comes in a blue fabric rod tube with dividers for an MSRP of $249.95.

Redington Voyant Outfit

Voyant Outfit


We thought Voyant was smooth casting, thanks to the powerful tip section that not only allows the angler pick up more line, but also helps accentuate line speeds via the double-haul. The lightweight 3 through 6-weights have a half-wells grip and are well suited for ultra-sensitive species. The 7 through 10-weights feature full-wells grips. Voyant rods come with a cloth tube with zippered closure. Four sizes are paired with Surge reels and RIO Mainstream line as turn-key setups. MSRP is $189.95 for single rods, and $299.95 for outfits.


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