Lively Discussions Follow Fly Retailers Visits to Outdoor Retailer


A number of fly fishing retailers made a visit to the recent Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, and their experiences have triggered some lively conversations on the Angling Trade LinkedIn retailer forum.  If you are a fly tackle retailer, and not yet a member of this group, you should check it out.

There, you’ll find commentary like this, on crossover product possibilities seen at OR, penned by David Leinweber, owner of Angler’s Covey fly shop in Colorado Springs…

First let me say it was just fun to be at the show and see all the booths and merchandise. Although there was way, and I mean waaaaaay toooooo many sandals to look at, I was very impressed by a number of booths. The North Face booth was simply amazing. I honestly stood in the entrance and just gawked for at least 10 minutes and I am sure my mouth was hanging open most of the time.

As to what I think will help my business here is what I got out of it…

GeigerrigSimply the best hydration system I have ever seen. You can pressurize the bladder, wash it in the dish washer and filter water right out of the stream… In my mind was the best at the show.

RepelThey have a “Gear Smart” version of insect repellent that will not harm your fly line 

Fikkes – Interesting idea. A portable fly rod in a walking stick. not sure if I would sell a lot but I think I can sell a few.

GoProThey have a cool POP display and I was surprised at how well they maintain their margins.

LuckybumsI really like their cheap kids vests

Bison DesignsThey have some accessories that I think I can sell

TearepairInteresting peel and stick tape for quick wader repair. We plan to test before we buy.

Rum ReggaeA few good fish prints, no minimums. Will add to our clothing selection to add color and pop.

High Range Designsa good selection of T-shirts with fish prints

National Geographic Maps Plan to add a full selection of Colorado maps to our store. They have a great POP display to handle all their maps.

Lilypond Sells well with our women’s collection and adds color. 

I also talked a little with OIA and their Retailer Benchmark Report.

I will share this with anyone who asks at IFTD.

I wish I had another day. I would have spent more time at a few seminars but I just did not have enough time.


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