Northwest Fly Fishing and Fly Fusion to Work Together


Fly Fusion has agreed to share magazine media sponsorship of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) with Northwest, Eastern, and Southwest Fly Fishing magazines.  In return, the Northwest group will provide IF4 with will page insertions in all publications during the 2012 IF4 tour.  Here is the press release announcing the alliance:

Northwest Fly Fishing & Fly Fusion Magazine Ink Ground Breaking Deal

Calgary, AB – The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is excited to announce a ground-breaking media development with respect to its launch into the US market. An unprecedented deal has been reached between Northwest Fly Fishing LLC and Bird Marketing Group Inc, parent company to Fly Fusion magazine. The deal is not about acquisitions and mergers in the traditional sense, but rather involves established media brands working cooperatively to enhance market share and have a larger impact on the growth of the sport.

“What you have is a group of forward thinking individuals who understand and embrace the concept that there is a new reality in fly-fishing media operations that requires a more open and inclusionary approach to business.”, says Bird Marketing Group President Chris Bird, ”This concept won’t work for all fly fishing media organizations, however, we believe that in the long run those who embrace it will be more successful because of it. This deal will have an immediate impact on the dealers participating in the IF4 screening program as that new line of revenue potential for them will be supported by one of the largest media consortiums in the history of the sport.”

“Our fleet of regional fly-fishing magazines (Northwest, Southwest and Eastern Fly Fishing) is well positioned to promote IF4 in key areas throughout the US.”, says Northwest Fly Fishing LLC Publisher Steve Cole, “We are excited about the prospect of anglers in cities all across America coming together for a night of fly-fishing entertainment, which we think will create new synergy within the fly-fishing community and help grow the sport. We are thrilled to be working with Fly Fusion magazine toward a successful launch in the US market, as well as increasing our own brand awareness by distributing complimentary copies of our magazine at each screening.”
For more information about the International Fly Fishing Film Festival please visit:

Fly Fusion Magazine
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E: [email protected]

Fly Max Films
Contact: Nick Pujic
P: 613-779-9417
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Northwest Fly Fishing LLC.
Contact: Steve Cole
P: 206-667-3059
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