RIO Introduces “Mega Kits” to Traveling Spey Anglers


(Idaho Falls, ID) – RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders, tippet, and accessories, brings a selection of three shooting head kits to the fly-fishing market. The kits, known as Mega Kits, each come with an assortment of shooting heads, shooting lines and sinking tips or leaders; for the traveling spey angler.

The Skagit Flight Mega Kit is for the fall/winter steelheader, with a selection of heads for every rod and every occasion. The kit comes with 16 sizes of Skagit Flight Head from 350 grains through 750 grains, two Powerflex core shooting lines (0.030” and 0.035”) and three MOW tips (one light, one medium and one heavy tip), with 5’ of floating and 5’ of sinking section.

The Steelhead Scandi Mega Kit has nine sizes of RIO’s Steelhead Scandi Heads ranging in size from a light, 31 ft, 310 grain head to a 34 ft, 550 grain head. Included in the pack are two floating Powerflex core shooting lines (0.030” and 0.035”) and two floating VersiLeaders in 10 and 15-foot lengths.

The AFS Mega Kit contains all seven of RIO’s floating, green/yellow AFS Heads and is  for the summer steelheader. The kit has heads from the lightest 4/5 to the powerful 10/11, which ensures anglers will not be wanting for a particular head size. In addition, two floating Powerflex core shooting lines (0.030” and 0.035”) and two floating VersiLeaders (10 and 15 foot) are included.

Each shooting head has one of RIO’s neat, bullet-proof welded loops on both ends. In addition the front end of the shooting lines and the back end of the Versileaders feature the same neat loop for the fastest rigging. Each MOW tip in the Skagit Flight MegaKit has a welded loop on both ends.

Every MegaKit is packaged in one of RIO HeadCase’s for the utmost in convenience and portability. The MSRP of each one is as follows: Skagit Flight Mega Kit MSRP: $699.95, Steelhead Scandi Mega Kit MSRP: $469.95 and AFS Mega Kit MSRP: $399.95.


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