Tell Congress that Conservation Funding is an Important Investment



AFFTA recently supported a letter sent to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House John Boehner telling them that investments in natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation, and historic preservation, are vital to the future of our country.

We are asking AFFTA members and supporters to join us in signing this letter.

We are concerned about our nation’s fiscal health and the balance of our Federal budget.  However, the Federal budget cannot and should not be balanced disproportionately on the backs of conservation, outdoor recreation and preservation. Doing so will impose on the future generations whose well-being depends on the conservation and preservation of our common natural and historic resources. The coalition leaders want to work with the congressional leadership to review the economic and budgetary benefits of critical conservation, outdoor recreation, and historic preservation programs.

The goals of these discussions will be to address the federal deficit while still investing in critical conservation, recreation and historic preservation programs.
In order to show support for this effort, we encourage you to sign on.

Please click here to review the letter and contact Laura Danzig ([email protected]) to let her know you are willing to sign on.


Randi Swisher, President

Jim Klug, Chairman


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