Stuff We Like: Simms Harbor GORE-TEX Shoes


I’ve been walking around in the new “fishing shoes” from Simms for a month now and I have to admit I have yet to fish in them.  But I will.  Maybe on a bass boat… maybe rock-hopping on a trout creek.  Probably both.

Thing is, they’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and now they’re my favorites for all-around wear.  Sure, the waterproof GORE-TEX comes in handy when stomping around in puddles, be that at the grocery store parking lot, or running to the wood pile out back.  But it’s the lightness and breathability I like best… and judging by the smell of some of my old, stiff, sweaty hiking shoes, my friends and family will appreciate that too.

In a nutshell, these shoes offer an outstanding mix of stability and waterproofing, a beefy Vibram tread, and good comfort.  They aren’t clunky, nor are they heavy.  I’ll warn you, they’re a tad stiff coming out of the box.  After a mile or so, however, mine have rounded right into form.

See for yourself… but the real reason for this review is to suggest selling for yourself.  I know, I know, you’re a fly shop, not a shoe store.  Well there are two reasons to change your mind.  Reason 1:  Small stream fishing is the new vogue.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  I can tell you, from a media/writer’s perspective, small streams–places where you can wet-wade, use Tenkara and fiberglass rods, and catch wild fish (on dry flies)–will be the subject matter of many stories in the next 12-18 months.

Reason 2:  I’ve had no fewer than six friends ask me, “Hey those are cool-looking shoes, where did you get those?”
If you’re looking to reach a broader outdoors market, it might just literally start from the ground up…

At $159.95 retail, they’re not cheap shoes.  But they stand out in performance and comfort, and they might give you a boost for  tapping a crossover audience.

Kirk Deeter



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