Patagonia Fly Fishing Launches Second Paperless E-Catalog


e-Catalog Saves 1,222 Trees and Almost 600,000 Pounds of CO2

VENTURA, Calif. (April 20, 2011) – Patagonia, the outdoor apparel manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of it’s second Fly Fishing e-Catalog – an online, interactive, 30-page flipbook. With a feel that’s more “magazine” than “catalog,” readers are able to watch embedded videos, read unique Ambassador commentary, and click on products for info and direct purchase on Patagonia’s website. The catalog has been distributed via e-mail and social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and certified fly fishing dealer websites. The user-controlled e-Catalog replaces the company’s traditional paper-based catalog this Fall, and is a step toward permanently eliminating a paper catalog for Patagonia’s Fly Fishing line.

By eliminating the paper catalog, the Environmental Defense Fund’s Paper Calculator estimates Patagonia saves about 1.5M gallons of wastewater, 220,860 pounds of solid waste, 1,222 trees and almost 600,000 pounds of Co2. The company hopes that fly fisherman will take note and embrace the new e-Catalog model.

Patagonia encourages all bloggers, journalists, websites and Fly Fisherman to post the e-Catalog link on their pages to get the word out.

Contact: Jess Clayton, 805-667-4755, [email protected]


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