Defend the Upper Colorado River


A message from Colorado Trout Unlimited President Sinjin Eberle:

In Colorado, cold, clean water is our most precious resource. Healthy, free-flowing rivers support recreation opportunities like fishing, kayaking and rafting, while also supplying drinking and irrigation water to Colorado’s families and farms.

Unfortunately, many of the rivers and streams that we depend on to sustain life and our western way of living are on the brink of collapse.

The Colorado River is one such river on the brink.

Today, over 50% of the Upper Colorado River’s water is permanently removed and shipped across the Rocky Mountains to growing Front Range cities and suburbs, threatening the health of fish, wildlife and local headwaters communities.

And Now, despite this, proposals like the Moffat and Windy Gap Firming Project threaten to TAKE MORE, leaving less for fisherman, farmers, and West Slope communities and threatening the very survival of our state’s namesake river.

In honor of World Water Day, please take a moment to watch our new video, ‘Tapped Out,’ then take the pledge to use our water resources wisely and keep the Colorado River flowing.

For frequent updates on Colorado Trout Unlimited’s work to protect the Upper Colorado River and ways you can get involved, join our ‘Defend the Colorado River’ facebook group.


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