Colorado House Committe Kills Special License Plate To Raise Money For Trout Unlimited


A newly designed Colorado license plate with the words “Protect Our Rivers” was shot down by a Republican House committee Monday the 7th. The Denver post reported that, “Trout Unlimited is a conservation group that sometimes clashes with development interests over water habitat. The House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee voted 6-5 Monday against the “Protect Our Rivers” tag.

Trout Unlimited agreed that money from the $25 additional tag fees would be banned from going for lobbying or litigation. But members of the Republican-controlled committee feared that despite the limit, tag fund raising would allow Trout Unlimited to spend more on those activities.”

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  1. The specialty tag program was so effective in Georgia that our illustrious legislature this past session decided to raise the fee for them from $15.00 to $50.00. Guess what, most everyone decided they knew something better to do with the money than give it to the politicians so way fewer specialty tags are being sold this year. You gotta love the business acumen of those folks we elect to manage our money.

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