Call to Action: Industry Support Needed for Bristol Bay Academy


As many of you know, Angling Trade supports an innovative new program taking place in Alaska called the Bristol Bay Academy.  It’s a cooperative effort by The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Bristol Bay Native Corporation to bridge understanding and support of threatened resources in that region by teaching native youth in the region how to be fly fishing guides.  You can read more details in past issues of Angling Trade.

The next Academy will take place in late May, and it needs product support.  On the list are:

  • Rod/Reels/Line – 14 to be safe (Redington was gracious supporter last year)
  • PFD’s – 14 non-bulky
  • Throw Ropes (4-6)
  • Vises & Fly Tying Tools (14)
  • Nail knot tools (14)
  • Material whip finish tools (14)
  • Nets (4-6)
  • Head cement/nail polish
  • Polarized sunglasses (14)
  • Hackle
  • Small-sized waders  (smalls and mediums)
  • Couple of smaller wading boots (W’s 7/8/9… non felt)
  • A couple of larger prizes for participants (use your imagination)
  • Water bottles, hats other premiums for give-aways…

We can tell you that the Academy will be a media magnet, and the cause is right, especially in light of what’s happening (Pebble Mine) in that area.  Contact Nelli Williams, [email protected] to get your company and products involved.



  1. amanda switzer on

    We would be happy to donate the rods….what weights?
    Amanda Switzer ( Rise Fishing Co. )

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