World’s First and Largest Fly Fishing Film Tour Casts Off


(Boulder, CO) – The Fly Fishing Film Tour, the largest event of its kind, is set to begin its nationwide trek this February.  The only tour of its kind to feature all original content from the best filmmakers in the industry, this year’s tour will visit more than 90 cities, in over 31 states, plus additional stops in Canada. With never-seen footage from across the globe, a party atmosphere, audience giveaways and valuable coupons, the annual high-energy spectacle is the sport’s most anticipated live-event.

While the atmosphere and footage fuel the tour, it is a dedication to promoting the sport and supporting location conservation efforts that stand as the tour’s true purpose.  “We recognize that without the support of local fly shops, conservation groups and manufacturers our sport couldn’t continue to grow,” says tour co-owner Thad Robison. “So we work with local outfitters to provide discounted tickets and special offers for our fans and we encourage local chapters of environmental groups to distribute materials at our shows. It’s a way for us to support the fly fishing community in every town we visit.”

Two films in particular highlight the environmental angle in this year’s tour as Motiv Fishing’s, “Oile” documents four fish-bums travels through Mexico in a pick-up truck fueled with used vegetable oil.  “Heart of the Marsh” by filmmaker Greg Dini provides spectacular footage, and positive news, on the impact the recent gulf oil spill had on Redfish populations and Louisiana marshlands.

Other featured segments include WorldANGLING’s passionate and patient pursuit for the elusive Permit fish, LDR Media’s incredible adventures landing Mako sharks on their lines, and Beattie Outdoors subsisting on cheese-curds and yellow beer while pulling in mid-western Smallmouth Bass and Billfish in Guatemala.

While each film in the tour delivers a unique blend of stunning cinematography, comedy, and storytelling, they all share a common theme: to share their relentless passion for the sport by showcasing the best action footage and the most impressive fish ever caught. “All winter we dream about fishing and this is just a way for us to celebrate that passion with friends and other enthusiasts”, says Robison. “There’s nothing better for me than when I hear a theater filled with fans cheering wildly.”

The tour kicks off in Ventura, CA on February 3rd and will hit over 90 cities in the U.S. and Canada before wrapping up at the end of April. Towns not currently part of the tour can also put on their own event. “Hosting a show is a great way to raise funds for your local group,” added Robison. “They get to put on a screening, have a great time and make some money for their club or cause.”

Visit for ticket and show info, photos, film trailers, and more. Various filmmakers, fisherman, and cameraman are available for interviews upon request.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is produced by Webeye Group, LLC. The Fly Fishing Film Tour is sponsored by Costa, Patagonia, Sage, Scientific Anglers, Outdoor Channel, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, Ultimate Electronics and Five Rivers Lodge.


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