RIO Products Adds Two New Saltwater Leaders to its Selection


01.03.2011–     (Idaho Falls, ID) – RIO Products again brings attention to detail with two new leaders; the Redfish/Seatrout Leader and the Light Saltwater Shock Leaders.

Both of the new leaders in RIO’s collection feature a perfection loop for ease of rigging as well as a stiff butt and taper designed to help cast larger flies and cope with typical saltwater winds.

The Redfish/Seatrout Leaders are clear and have amazing abrasion resistance. These nine-foot leaders are available from an 8-pound test up to a 20-pound test.

The Light Saltwater Shock Leaders are 10-foot tapered leaders, tapering to 16 lb class tippet with an ultra tough fluorocarbon shock tippet on the end. There are three models available in the Light Saltwater Shock Leader series; one with a 16 pound shock tippet, one with a 20 pound shock tippet and one with a 45 pound shock tippet.

The Redfish/Seatrout Leaders retail for $4.95 and the Light Saltwater Shock Leaders retail for $7.95 and can be found at an authorized RIO dealer.


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