Hardy Zenith Wins Yellowstone Angler 5-Weight Shoot Out


January 4th, 2011

The Yellowstone Angler says, “What you read here is definitely going to be controversial. Some forums are going to want to string us up by our heels, while others will give us a pat on the back.

Our past 5-weight and 8-weight shootouts have been so popular over the past few years that we felt it was time to give everyone a good look at the next generation of 5-weight rods, in our latest 18-rod blockbuster shootout.

There are lots of great new rods that have been introduced in the past three years. We’ll report on these as well as compare them to the best rods we’ve tested before, which have remained essentially unchanged. New technology has played a huge role in giving us lighter, stronger, and more responsive rods than we’ve had in the past.”

Continue reading over at the Yellowstoneangler.com why Hardy took #1 with Sage, Winston and Gloomis following.


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