Fly Tyer and American Angler Offer Digital Subscriptions


From Morris Communications:
American Angler and Fly Tyer magazines, two of the world’s leading periodicals devoted to fly fishing and fly tying, are breaking new ground by offering subscriptions to digital-only editions of the magazines. Now, rather than waiting to receive a printed magazine in the mail or hunting for a copy on newsstands, you can receive either publication straight to your in-box—and it’s the exact same high-quality content readers have come to expect from the print editions. What are the advantages of a digital magazine?

“Receiving a digital magazine is very convenient,” says Fly Tyer editor David Klausmeyer. “You don’t have to wait for the postman to drop it through the slot in the door, nor will you have to wait for the store to stock it on the shelves. In particular, readers who reside outside of the United States will see the benefits in subscribing to an online magazine. There’s no long wait for the magazine to arrive in the mail, and because there are no international postage costs, we can offer digital subscriptions at the U.S. price.”

Advertisers will also benefit from the on-line format, Klausmeyer says.
“All advertiser Web sites, whether in articles or in advertisements, are hotlinked. This makes it convenient for potential customers to go directly to an advertiser’s Web site or on-line store. It’s a great plus for companies interested in growing their businesses and wanting to get the most bang from their advertising dollars—at no extra charge. Since many of our readers already receive a digital edition free with their print version, this gives advertisers another ‘touch’ when consumers see their products in the digital version.”

Does this mean that print is dead?

“Not at all,” says Steve Walburn, editor of American Angler and general manager of the Morris Sporting Group. “We are simply offering this new digital-only option in response to reader demand, especially from overseas readers. Our ultimate goal is to allow each subscriber to enjoy the magazines in the medium of their choice. Some will want print. Some will want digital. Some may want both. This also takes us closer to having an iPad app with a subscription option for each magazine, as well.”

see digital versions here:

Fly Tyer Summer 2010

American Angler Sept/Oct 2010

To subscribe to either the print or digital version of Fly Tyer or American Angler, visit the “subscribe” section on the main menu of or

If you are already a print subscriber, you can register to receive your free digital companion from either magazine’s home page.
Fly Tyer, American Angler and Gray’s Sporting Journal are published by MCC Magazines, LLC., a division of Morris Communications Company, LLC., which is based in Augusta, Georgia.

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