Fly Max Films & Bird Marketing Group Announce Film Tour


CALGARY, AB – June 23rd, 2010

Bird Marketing Group (BMG) is pleased to announce a collaboration between its group of companies and Fly Max Films. This relationship will see the development of a fly-fishing film tour for the Canadian marketplace. Both organizations are passionate about cultivating new anglers and finding creative ways to communicate to the next generation of anglers. Promoting the sport of fly fishing is at the core of what drives both BMG and Fly Max Films. The two organizations hold a significant amount of market share within the North American marketplace and are respected leaders in their categories.

“We are excited about this development”, says BMG President Chris Bird, “This is a natural fit for us and I am confident this will have a positive effect across the board for our group of brands and by extension our readership and industry partners. We look forward to developing this with the Fly Max Films team.”

“The collaboration between BMG and Fly Max will add a new dimension to both organization’s reach in attracting and recruiting new fly fishers”, says Fly Max Films executive producer Nick Pujic, “We are very excited to be working with the Fly Fusion team on this, and look forward to making this tour a huge success.”

Overview – Fly Max Films
Fly Max Films offers production services for those seeking visual marketing solutions across today’s most proven media platforms such as television and social online.  Fly Max Films is currently in production of “Fly Nation” a new half-hour fly fishing TV show destined for air in Q4 2010 in North America.  Other Fly Max Films productions are already airing in 22 countries around the world.

Overview – Bird Marketing Group
Bird Marketing Group is a full service marketing organization that offers its industry partners brand exposure throughout the North American marketplace. Marketing platforms available through BMG include: consumer events, social online media and an award winning magazine which is available in both print and digital formats. All of BMG’s brands are built specifically to speak to a fly-fishing audience as well as cultivate a new generation of anglers.

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