Fishing Rod Carrier Attaches To All Cars And Stays Attached


Bend, Ore. (June 0 2010) – The new SUMO rod carrier from RODMOUNTS features 4 lever lock suction mounts to provide superior adhesion to all cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s.  The suction mounts can attach to any smooth non-porous material such as steel, aluminum, glass, fiberglass and plastic.  Ball and socket joints provide connections that allow SUMO to attach in a variety of angles and configurations.

Watch video of Sumo in action on a rally car here.

Most anglers would like to easily and conveniently transport their rods without breaking them down or stuffing them in their car or truck.  And while there have been exterior rod carriers for decades, most anglers have continued to battle their rods and waste valuable fishing time breaking down their rods.  “The number one question people ask when considering an exterior rod carrier is, ‘Will this thing fly off my car?’ says RODMOUNTS President Brad Evans.  “Our number one priority was to address that issue and solve it once and for all, which we have.  And the rods stay on the rod carrier too.”

The second goal was to make sure it would attach to all cars, which it does.  The key to this versatility is the ball and socket connections.  SUMO can mount to the edges of cars that allow SUMO to attach to smaller cars and without blocking the driver or passenger view.  Less adaptable carriers mount toward the center of the car that distracts the driver and passengers.

According to Evans, “SUMO is the result of years of R&D.  We wanted to design a product that provided superior adhesion and could attach to all cars.  SUMO is engineered from the ground up which presented us with an opportunity to add design flair in addition to performance. SUMO has not only achieved our performance goals 100%, it looks cool!”

SUMO can transport up to 6 rods, breaks down for travel and weighs 2 pounds.  Suggest retail is $149.95.

Dealer and sales rep inquiries welcome.

RODMOUNTS has been designing rod carriers for today’s and tomorrow’s cars since 1997.

For More Information Contact:
Brad Evans
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