Fishhound sales team enrolling shops and lodges in unique information network for fly anglers


SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA (For immediate release) – Fishhound, the unique online resource that quickly and easily pinpoints the best waters and fishing spots on any water, has deployed a team of seasoned sales associates to offer a game-changing way for retailers to better serve anglers and make their stores more profitable.

The sales team is spread out across the U.S., enrolling fly shops, lodges and guides in an incentive-laden profit-sharing program that makes them money for doing what they already do.

“Our associates have done a tremendous job enrolling and explaining the benefits of our service,” said Charles Dohs, co-founder and president of Fishhound. “We’re quickly closing in on a 100 shops who are part of our network, and that’s a reflection of the excitement and potential people see in our product. We’d like to see that number increase, because the more shops that are enrolled, the more accurate information anglers will have while preparing for a day on the water.”

Dohs added there’s still room for additional associates on the Fishhound sales team. Fishhound offers an aggressive compensation package for part-time assistance.

The website goes live for anglers on July 1, providing a subscription to interactive maps, hatch information, and other personalized data to an angler’s desktop or mobile device.

The sales team is being lead by Grant Adam at Fishhound’s headquarters. A veteran of the fly fishing industry, Grant can be reached at [email protected] or (800) 469-0224 Ext. 109.

The other Fishhound sales associates are:
•    Guy Jeans – covering California. A Simms Guide Ambassador and fly designer for Solitude Fly Company, his contact is [email protected].
•    Micha Kruger – working in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. A rep for a number of fly fishing products and services, his contact is [email protected]..
•   Michael Ames – covering Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Missouri. On staff with Temple Fork Outfiters, his contact is [email protected].
•   Rob Parkins – assigned to Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. A pro staffer of R.L. Winston Rods and Hatch Outdoors his contact is [email protected].
•    Dave Skok – assigned to New England and New York. A Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador and photographer, his contact is dave@fishhoundcom.

About Fishhound is an online community providing accurate and actionable Fishing Intelligence™ to anglers across the country to give them exactly what they want – the perfect fishing day.  The innovative Fishing Intelligence Network is an association of trusted guides, fly shop owners and lodges who are dedicated to collecting the information that defines Fishing Intelligence™: water conditions, hatches and catches.  Members of the Fishing Intelligence Network are able to grow their business and earn money while doing the reporting they already do.   For more information please visit



  1. Josh Hamption on

    I understand the concept but I think that this is a concept that has already been done by Orvis, TU, and hundreds of apps on our phones. I honestly would be surprised if this “stuck”. There are too many free services out there that allow you to get what you want out of the service. We’ll see in time how these similar services grow.

  2. I don’t see why people would want to give away their fishing spots. I understand that they’re trying to run a business but it sounds like they just pay people to post on their website. Is this correct?

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