Poll shows majority of hunters and anglers are not using social networking sites


FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — Most hunters and anglers are not flocking to Twitter nor are they putting in much face time at Facebook. According to May 2010 HunterSurvey.com and AnglerSurvey.com polls, 64 percent of hunters and anglers report they are not using social networking sites to obtain outdoor information.

Those hunters who are using social media prefer Facebook, with 24 percent report using that site while 10.7 percent said they visit YouTube. MySpace is popular with 9.6 percent of those who participated in the May HunterSurvey.com poll. The poll also revealed 3.2 percent of hunters use CamoSpace, 2.5 percent visit LinkedIn and 2.4 percent favor Twitter.

Anglers also prefer Facebook. More than 22 percent of those who participated in the AnglerSurvey.com poll said they used Facebook. YouTube came in second at 11 percent and MySpace was popular with 8 percent of those polled. LinkedIn was favored by 3.6 percent of respondents while 2.5 used Twitter.

Those who hunt, fish and target shoot are invited to participate in www.huntersurvey.com and www.anglersurvey.com. By completing the survey, you will be entered in a monthly drawing for one of five $100 gift certificates to the sporting goods retailer of your choice.
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