Exclusive Distribution Deal Announced

Angler’s Book Supply is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with legendary fly-fishing personality Lani Waller. Starting immediately, all wholesale distribution of Waller’s best-selling DVD set, Lani Waller’s Steelhead Legacy, and his classic book of essays, River of Dreams, will be handled exclusively by Angler’s Book Supply.

“We’re honored by Lani’s vote of confidence,” said Mark Koenig, owner of Angler’s Book Supply. “This arrangement fits very well with the production and distribution services that we offer filmmakers. ABS handles day-to-day operations for a number of domestic and overseas filmmakers who are looking to step away from that part of the process, Koenig explained. “It allows everyone to focus on what they do best.”

“I’ve always had a comfortable relationship with Angler’s Book Supply, and I’m very confident in their ability to get my products into the shops,” said Waller. “The fact that Mark and Rob are dyed-in-the-wool steelheaders makes this arrangement even better.”

Waller’s most recent book, A Steelheaders Way, was one of the best selling fly-fishing books of 2009, generating renewed interest in the Steelhead Legacy DVD set, and River of Dreams. Lani also contributed to the award-winning documentary Rivers of a Lost Coast, which was shown in theatres across North America in 2009 and is now on sale at fly shops everywhere.

Lani Waller is one of the world’s leading fly-fishing experts. His award-winning steelhead videos are considered the most accurate and complete treatment of the subject ever produced. Lani is a founding director of the Babine River Foundation, and was a founding director of British Columbia’s North Coast Steelhead Alliance. He owns and operates Worldwide Anglers, an international travel agency.

Angler’s Book Supply is North America’s leading distributor of fishing and hunting books, DVDs, maps and gift items to specialty retailers. Located in Eugene, Oregon, Angler’s Book Supply offers the largest selection of sporting literature in the world, with over 12,000 active titles in its catalog.

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